Maleficent Movie Poster Design

Design by Disney

This poster was designed by Disney as a movie poster for the movie Maleficent. The design shows the differences between live action and the cartoon version of this story. Emphasis is put on the character Maleficent instead of the character Aurora. This movie came out in theaters May 30, 2014.




Black and white are used very cleverly throughout this design to make Maleficent pop off the page. Maleficent’s darkness contrasts with Aurora´s light. It shows character, Maleficent looks evil, while Aurora looks young and innocent. Maleficent’s white skin contrasts against her black horns and black cloak. Her red lipstick also provides a contrast by popping in the middle of the poster. The top of the sky contrasts with the lighter part of the sky. It dark at the top and is light at the bottom. Maleficent’s cloak also contrasts with the Maleficent lettering, making stand out on the black.



Throughout the design, there is a repetition of colors. Because of the contrast between the black and white is so prevalent, the repetition of colors is more noticeable. Aurora´s hair is the same color as the lettering for the title, Maleficent. Maleficent´s cloak repeats the color blue just like the sky. There is also repetition of light, the light shining on the castle, the light on Maleficent´s horns, and the light on her robe. The design of Maleficent´s clothes and face repeat. She is almost perfectly symmetrical. The letters also have repetition, they stay true to their font.



The title is aligned with Maleficent´s shoulders. It is also centered on the bottom of the poster. Maleficent is perfectly aligned across the poster. Her shoulders almost touch the sides. Aurora is aligned on the top left of the design while Maleficent’s head in the top middle and the castle is aligned on the top left. The focus is at the top because that is where all the important objects are. The bold letters at the bottom tie the whole design together.



Maleficent is the largest object on the page which shows that she is the most important. Where Aurora is standing behind Maleficent, shows that there is a relation between them. The castle in the background shows that it is off in the distant away from Maleficent. The Disney title right above the Maleficent lettering shows that Disney is the company who made the movie.



There is not much color in this design besides black and white. The bits of others colors accent the design, most particularly, the sparkles, Maleficent´s lipstick, and the blue of Aurora and the sky. The main color wheel color is blue. The blue in this design is an analogous combination because there are multiple tints.

Many of the design elements overlap each other. It shows that a design would not be complete without all the elements present. The elements are also very simple things that make up a very complex looking design. The choice of black and white as the main colors and the contrast, give the design a darker look. The design elements tie the poster together so that it has an uninformed and clean look.


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