Disney Quote Typography

Design by Oh My Disney

Link: https://ohmy.disney.com/movies/2013/10/03/beautiful-disney-quotes/

Oh My Disney is Disney`s official blog. This design is found in the blog post-Beautiful Disney Quotes. The quote is found in the Winnie the Pooh movie.

Typeface #1 – Script

disney-quotes-winnie-the-pooh script

The first typeface is script. The letters are very fluid and swoop below the baseline. They are thin and look like they are hand written.

Typeface #2 – San-serif

disney-quotes-winnie-the-pooh sans-serif

The second typeface is sans-serif. The letters are bold and broad. They have the same thickness throughout. There are no serifs on the ends of the letters. All of the letters are straight up and down in caps.


disney-quotes-winnie-the-pooh contrast

The typefaces contrast because the first typeface is more fluid and has a slight tilt to it than the second typeface that is very uniform and upright. The size for the two typefaces are very different with the first being smaller than the second. The second typeface has more weight to it than the first one. There is also contrast because the first typeface is in lowercase letters while the second is in all caps.

The size of the letters gives the most important words more meaning because they stand out more than the others. The use of the two typefaces makes the simple words, a more powerful effect. The script typeface gives the design a thoughtfulness look. The contrast makes the design more interesting and is pleasing to the eye.


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