Designing Hope


I designed a three page or one spread magazine for the article Our Father’s Glorious Plan. This talk was given in the April 2017 General Conference by  Of the Seventy. He explains that birth is not the beginning and death is not the end. In my design, I tried to portray the message of God’s love and hope to my audience of those seeking after these things.

Color and Simplistically

I focused on a lot on color and simplistically in my design to get my message across. I decided to use different tones of pink which means using different types of pink. I feel that pink symbolizes rebirth and hope which is talked about throughout the talk. A good portion of it focuses around the Resurrection of the Savior. I thought flowers symbolizes love and hope very well. To keep my design simplistic, I used repeating elements which also brought the pages together to feel like one big design. I made all my headings the same color and added a doted line for each one.

Layouts and Contrast

When I was designing my article in InDesign, I began with a three column layout but I decided to change it to a two column layout. Two columns gave my design a less busy look and also made the article easier to read. Because of my simple design, my typography played a big role in the contrast of my design. I chose two contrasting fonts which I bolded or made different sizes to add to the contrast.


Using the design elements has helped me to portray my message of the love of God and the hope of his plan. His plan and creations, as depicted in my photography, are truly glorious.

Below is the photography used in my design.

Photo by McKell Hancock
Photo by McKell Hancock

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