Mickey and Friends Icons


I enjoyed playing with Adobe Illustrator to create my icons. My ideas were able to come to life in digital form. I also enjoyed discovering the difference between pixels and vectors. When pixel image is enlarged or shrunk, the image becomes pixellated so it appears to be blurry and not as clear. Vectors can be enlarged or shrunk and the image will appear the same. In this post I included each of my icons as a PNG 60px by 60px (smaller image) and a PNG icons 400px by 400px (larger image).

Target Audience

I wanted my icons to appeal to many people from many walks of life so I chose to do Disney characters. Most people know who Mickey and friends are. My design’s main audience are Disney fans and people going to Disneyland. Disney fans are typically women of all ages but to be even more specific my target audience is children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. Disneyland is usually advertised to this demographic of children 3-10.

Design Decisions

My icons appeal to children 3-10 because of how simple the icons look. If a child can understand what the icon is then it was designed well. I decided not to add facial features to my icons because I wanted the characters to recognizable through shape and colors. I wanted to use a simple idea such as the circluar body shape to explain big ideas. All my shapes are curved instead of sharp edges because it gives my icons a childish, playful look.

When I was designing I almost decided to change the colors so there was repetition with each character. For example Goofy and Pluto are both orange and green based but in different shades. I left the different shades because I decided their unique color schemes make them more recognizable.



One thing I have learned from designing my icons is that designing takes a lot of thinking and experimenting. It took many roughs drafts to get them to how they look now. Design is not just throwing shapes, colors, and lines on the page and coming up with something beautiful. It is takes time and effort of the designers part to make the design look effortless to the audience.

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