Make Life Simple


I designed a creative ad for GE light bulbs. I created it by learning to use Photoshop. My design is supposed to show the complexity of a simple household object. I decided to put a pineapple-light bulb in a box of fruit. This shows that light is necessary in life but if you have GE light bulbs there is no need to worry because they’ve got you covered.

Target Audience

My audience is females ages 35-44 who have bachelors degrees, make $15,000-$39,000 a year, and are also in relationships. Most of their media consumption comes from TV and Web/Blog which I included in the post. I decided to use fruit because middle aged women usually go shopping a lot. This ad reminds people to get their light bulbs while they get their fruit. Fruit can be associated with relaxing. The light bulb and fruit shows that life will be easy with GE lights.

Orange and Light bulb

My Design

I decided to use the fruit picture because it is so bright and catches your eye. The oranges compliment the blue logo. I used white type with the light bulb so there was repetition. With the type I tried to keep it simple to fit with the message. The title is a sanserif with bold and the body copy looks like someone wrote it with marker.

Web/Blog Ad


Designing is not as simple as most people think. Having a good design takes a color scheme, contrast, repetition, typography, and much more to get your message across. Each of these things can either add or subtract from the overall design.

Photos used in my Ad:


Igor Ovsyannykov


CC0 Public Domain

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