Stihl: Keep it Simple


The moment I saw this ad, I fell in love with it. The clean simplistic look is beautiful. The designers took a very ordinary everyday scene to cleverly makes the viewer look at it in a different way. The big letters, bright colors, and swing set brought nostalgic feelings and also made me think of my childhood. I wanted to know more and what this company sold. Stihl is a power tool company.


Target Audience

I decided to that my target audience is fathers with young children. Typically, younger men use power tools because they are always working on outdoor projects. As I was creating a new ad to go with the campaign, I thought about what fathers like to build for their children. It came to me that fathers take great pride in building their children tree houses. I decided that a tree house also gives the ad the nostalgic childhood feeling. In my power point on my first slide, I decided to use a quote that showed even simple family men can use Stihl tools.

stihl adDesign Analysis

As I designed my slides I wanted to keep the slide show simple because I wanted the ads to be the main focus. I used the same format on each of my slides to unify them together.


stihl ad2


I decided to use the orange and white of the Stihl logo as the color scheme. I also decided not to use that many colors to add to the simplistic look. The bright colors help to keep the nostalgic feel to it. I wanted my new ad to look like the original one so I decided to keep the outdoor backyard look to it.


stihl ad3


I decided to use a serif font for my words on the slide because the ad and the logo used a sans serif font. This added contrast to my slides. I liked the contrast they used in the ad itself by making some of the type large and the other small. It is a simple way to make the design interesting without over complicating it.

stihl ad4


Everything in the original ad is aligned and spaced evenly. I used this same layout as I designed my new ad. I even decided to make my orange pointers very simple and uniform.

stihl ad5



The biggest strengthen of these two ads are they are simple. The message is easily conveyed because the viewers’ eyes don’t get distracted by the things that aren’t important. The repetition in the ads and the slides bring the whole slide show together. I enjoyed designing this ad by using the design elements. I hope to design more in the future.

stihl ad6

Photo Credit

Stihl logo:

Original Ad: 

New Ad


Tree house:

stihl ad7


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